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Archive Goodies

Sometimes it's nice to look back and be proud of what has been achieved over the years.  The last two have been difficult for everyone so here is a small celebration of what's achieved and rolled out to the lovely people of Highbridge and Burnham...



Specifically for the locally isolated elderly and lonely. In collaboration with Great Western Railway and a local church we delivered this incentive to 150 homes. It was using items from the trains buffet services, which had been reduced due to Covid. In each bag was a tea bag, coffee sachet, sugar, biscuits and fruit cake. Sometimes the little things have the greatest impact.

Highbridge History Revisited.JPG
Highbridge Revised

An illustrated slideshow by John Strickland showing Highbridge from a bygone era.

Private Taxi

The Private Taxi Ensemble at the Hub in October 2022. 


An extraordinary display enjoyed by young and not so young alike.

Pirate Taxi.JPG
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